Friday, September 21, 2012

The Sissy Pilot By Sara Desmarais (REVIEW)

Although, perhaps, the least sexual of all the Sara Desmarais novels I have had the pleasure of enjoying to date, The Sissy Pilot is the most interesting from a sheer storytelling perspective.

It is the duelling themes of emasculation and feminization that propel the story along, and if you think they are one-and-the-same, then I suggest you give the story a read! The way in which Sara explores each theme is absolutely fascinating, with the two alternating between cause, explanation, and justification for Dana's reluctant transformation.

Dana is a man emasculated by the loss of his job as an airline pilot, and the resulting inability to support his wife - to the point that he can no longer please her sexually. When a case of mistaken identity results in an interview for a prestigious, well-paying pilot's job, his wife demands he put aside his pride and do whatever he needs to do to land the job - even if that means being aggressively feminized to accommodate the mandatory (and very sexy) uniform.

While these kinds of stories usually involve a husband who is secretly a sissy, or a wife who has always dreamed of making her husband a sissy, Sara makes the feminization here an act of necessity. There is no sexual element to it (at least, not at first), just an act of costuming and role-playing to secure a job. This allows her to slowly, subtly, and erotically explore the ways in which Tiffany comes to enjoying her husband's transformation. Similarly, it allows her to guide us through the conflicting emotions that evolve within Dana as he begins to find some pleasure in his role as a sissy.

There are really only a handful of explicit sex scenes in the story, which Sara carefully uses to accentuate her story, and to further explore her themes. As Tiffany watches the last of her already emasculated husband's masculinity be powdered and perfumed away, it is only natural that her thoughts should turn to real men . . . and the idea of cuckolding her sissy pilot husband. By the time everything comes together for an act of final emasculation, we have accepted the inevitability are are excited to see Dana and Tiffany settle into their new life together.

If you are already a fan of Sara's work, then you need to read this next. If you have yet to discover her erotic storytelling charms, then this is a great place to begin.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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