Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Submission by Bonnie Bliss (REVIEW)

Bonnie Bliss has quickly become a favourite author of mine, ever since I had the chance to review the sweetly erotic Chains and Chocolate. Even though her Twisted Oz series (Twisted Dreams & Twisted Ropes) has had me gushing like an infatuated schoolgirl, I was quite excited about getting back to another real-world tale of authentic domination, especially one with a Halloween theme.

I am delighted to say, Halloween Submission is another tale of intimate bondage and domination that is likely to leave you out-of-breath and week-in-the-knees. A romantic slice of fetish erotica, it's the story of a stressed-out fireman who like to play Dom, and a tired-out nurse who likes to play the sub. He likes to completely immobilize his submissives with a massive chain of three-inch links, eighteen feet long, and she likes to be spanked, hard and repeatedly, before being taken anally.

She's only too happy to submit, and he's only too happy to take his pleasure - precisely as she desires.

With it being Halloween and all, both Tom and Lucy are in costume, their true identities hidden from one another. That mystery lends an air of illicit danger to the story, a certain thrill of anonymity that speaks to the wild one in all of us. Of course, knowing their true identities, we (as readers) can allow our fantasies of true love fulfilled to run rampant, even as we wonder whether it will all work out as we wish. By the time the chain comes out, I was definitely already whimpering alongside Lucy, shifting awkwardly in my seat.

Which is precisely when Bonnie chose to turn the tables and introduce an emotional twist that left me gasping.

Hot and heavy, this was a read that could not have been more satisfying. I loved that way the story built to an orgasmic crescendo, and then seemed to fall apart on the other side, before reaching outside the dungeon and back into real life for the emotional closure needed to resolve everything. Give it a read and you'll never look at a fireman - not to mention women in kitty costumes - quite the same ever again!

[Reviewed by Sally]

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