Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hops, Follows, and Tag Alongs, Oh My!

The Feature & Follow Hop, courtesy of Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

Q. When you step out of your usual genre what do you read? Best books in that genre?

A. Since my reading tastes are pretty eccentric, it's hard to say what's outside my unusual genre, but I'll go with archaeological fiction - Lyn Hamilton, Will Adams, William Dietrich, Elizabeth Peters, or Alex Archer.


The 18 & Over Book Blogger Follow is a weekly feature that begins on Fridays and runs through the weekend, hosted by Crystal from Reading Between the Wines.

Q. When you think of fur-friendly authors, which author do you think of first?

A. Okay, so I'm a bit kinky and perverse . . . I like my furry erotica, although they're books that probably wouldn't immediately come to mind for most readers. In terms of recent faves, the Wild Passions anthology from Storm Moon press was SMOKING HOT! I've had Bait and Switch by Austen Crowder waiting to be read for far too long now, and I just picked up A Post-Apocalyptic She-Wolf Gangbang by Annie DuBois on a recommendation from Candace (who loves Annie's cuckold/BDSM themed stories).



  1. I have never read archeological fiction. Sounds really cool though :)
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  2. Good picks! Haven't read those but I'll certainly take a look at them!

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  3. Archeological fiction? Interesting, I'll have to check it out, thanks for the links! Followed via GFC.

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  4. You sure have a different taste! Cool :)
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  5. Archaeological fiction -- that's different! I didn't even know books like that existed. Funny, considering I'm a Classics major and have taken so many courses about archaeology and art. I'll definitely have to check out these authors. Happy Friday!

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  6. I think I would like archaeological fiction - I'm not sure I've read any books in that genre. I'm definitely checking out the books you mention! I'm a new follower through GFC! Check out FF post here

  7. I love the cover of Rogue Angel - I've added the first book in the series to my TBR list now, they look interesting.

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  8. Ooh I think I'd like archaeological fiction. If you like sci-fi aswell with a mix of archaeology check out Earth Girl by Janet Edwards because it is full of it :)

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  9. Yes! Love archaeological fiction!! Here's my ff:

  10. Great choice!
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  11. I should probably pick up some archaeological fiction as I am an Archaeology post grad lol.

    Going to check out the ones you listed!

    Have a great Friday!

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  12. I've seen Dietrich's work, but not read any. Glad to know the content is as good as the cover! New follower via GFC.

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  13. Same. It switches around, but the most often read by is paranormal romance YA. New GFC Follower.

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  14. Hopping through. I've meant to read Elizabeth Peters for years. It's such a fun idea.
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  15. Just blogging by, enjoy! your week-end.

  16. Waves as he goes blogging by....

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  17. Never heard of any of these but they look good! New GFC Follower :)

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  18. I have never heard of these either! They covers are niceeee! :) New follower via GFC.
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  19. I've never seen anything from those authors but I will have to check them out now. Hope you had a great weekend, thanks for joining in the 18+ Follow!