Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Twisted Ropes by Bonnie Bliss (REVIEW)

Given that Twisted Dreams, the opening instalment of the Twisted Oz saga, was one of the steamiest tales I've read this year, you can bet your ruby slippers (and collar!) that I jumped into Twisted Ropes with high expectations. Fortunately, I am delighted to say Bonnie Bliss has fulfilled those expectations, and once again left me wanting more.

The story picks up right where we left off, with a fetish-clad D.G. making her way down the yellow brick road. She's hot, thirsty, and hornier than a munchkin in heat, so when a couple of hunky men and their sexy slave girl block the path, you can't blame her for diving into the cornfield to enjoy a little voyeuristic thrill. While I wasn't initially sure how the scene fit into the overall Oz mythology, it's a gloriously display of gratuitous sexuality, and one that takes on larger significance at the end of the tale, with the introduction of the Wizard himself.

But, as intrigued as I by the Wizard, I am getting ahead of myself.

Anybody who has watched or read the original Wizard of Oz knows that Dorothy is destined to encounter three friends along her journey, with the first of those friends the Scarecrow. Wow, oh my goodness, and wow again - what Bonnie does with him and his awakening is absolutely breathtaking to behold. If you've never found a cornstalk erotic, or wondered how a scarecrow could grow wood, then be prepared to be amazed and aroused. Not only does she twist the tale just right, but she successfully establishes him as a character we definitely want to learn more about.

As for our glimpse of the Wizard that concludes the story, that is where Bonnie's gift for erotic reinvention really shines. Having never read the Baum novels, I only remember the Wizard as a weak, miserly, cowardly old man hiding behind a mirror . . . a definite let-down after the Wicked Witch, and a tool to provide a happy ending. Bonnie gives him new life and new purpose, establishing him as not just a genuine character within the story, but one with extraordinary erotic potential. I cannot wait to see what she does with him in subsequent volumes, and can only dream of his final confrontation with D.G.

Another fun, sexy, imaginative tale - bring on the Tin Man and the Lion!

[Reviewed by Sally]

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