Saturday, October 20, 2012

White Wife, Black Heart by Damien Dsoul (REVIEW)

With White Wife, Black HeartDamien Dsoul once again proves that he is more than a one-trick stallion. As an author, he has managed to pull off thrillers, dramas, romances, and all-out erotic adventures with ease, always lending his own interracial touch to the story. Having already covered the 'reluctant' and 'romantic' realms of cuckolding, he now turns his literary attentions to that of 'encouraged' cuckolding.

For the first time, Dsoul presents us with a cunning husband who deliberately arranges for his wife to betray him with a sexually aggressive black colleague. Dragan knows precisely what he is doing, and understands the consequences perfectly of exposing his wife to another man's affections. It seems like a a pretty typical set-up for an erotic tale of cuckolding, but Dsoul is never content to settle for the typical. What puts this tale over the top is the overlapping series of affairs that drive the action to an incredibly erotic conclusion, but I will not spoil just how intricately they overlap.

Tightly plotted and well-told, this is an exciting story that carries all the guilty thrills of an illicit soap opera. The dialogue is sparkling, as always, dramatic and intense, but never over-the-top. The sex scenes are exquisitely detailed, full of passion and lust. While they sometimes walk the edges of humiliation, the most intensely sexual acts are designed not to degrade the women, but to drive them towards their deepest, darkest, most hidden desires.

Most importantly, especially for a tale of cuckolding, Dsoul knows how to portray a strong, virile, dangerously attractive bull. Leo is no Shango, but he is still the kind of man to make a reader feel weak in the knees . . . and wet where it matters.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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  1. The book cover is what made me want to know more about the book! What a great review. :)
    I look forward to it, thanks for the review!

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