Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Always Okay To Be Me by Danielle Marie Bergan (REVIEW)

This very well-written transition story outlines the author's transformation to a female gender role, as she grapples with the inner demons she has long kept at bay. Not for the faint at heart, It's Always Okay To Be Me: A Journey To Recovering Lost Hope is a memoir that reads like a novel, grabbing the reader's interest from the very first page.

The story outlines Danielle Marie Bergan's attempts to deal with the ravages of her life-long gender dysphoric feelings through denial and the use of alcohol and illegal drugs. When acting on self-destructive impulses and the use of mind-altering substances no longer work, the author finally turns to Alcoholics Anonymous and, with the additional assistance of some highly supportive therapists and associates, she finally comes to terms with her gender variant feelings.

In her moving tale, the author develops, with great depth, the character of the people who surround her, both family and friends. By the conclusion of her story, Danielle has so vetted her gender issues, that her transition seems a normal and natural solution to her life-long angst. This fine work ranks near the top of other such books of this genre.

[Reviewed by Samuel]

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