Saturday, December 8, 2012

Politics Escorts Blackmail by Pynk (REVIEW)

I've always been fascinated by the Hollywood glamour of a high-class escort agency. Something about the erotic sophistication and the sexual power of it all has always appealed to me, and even if real-life isn't quite so Pretty Woman, the fantasy is very alluring.

In Politics. Escorts. Blackmail., Pynk introduces us to the high-class, high-drama life of Madam Money Watts, and to the girls (and boys) of her very exclusive agency, Lip Service. Throw in some US senators, a client for whom there are no limits, and a greedy, opportunistic escort, and you've got one hell of a steamy tale!

Like the most sordid of late night soap operas, this is a story that lives on the backs of its characters. Fortunately, Madam Money, Midori, Leilani, Kemba and the others are very well-developed, real-life characters with detailed pasts, diverse motivations, and dangerous habits. We're connected with them right from the start, making us a part of their world. Reading the book isn't so much a voyeuristic experience as it is a fantasy role-play indulgence. You can feel the energy and excitement in what they do, just as you can feel the fear and the dread in what sometimes occurs behind closed doors.

Authorities don't come off in a particularly good light here - senators, lawyers, judges, doctors, athletes etc. - but they're not all bad either. Even when they're doing some very naughty things, Pynk does a wonderful job of establishing the context of their actions, as well as exploring just what they get out of anonymous, no-strings-attached, high-priced sex. There are immense pressures on both sides of the client-escort relationship, and she does a wonderful job of honestly laying those human weaknesses bare.

As for the plot, I wouldn't think of spoiling what happens. Suffice to say, this is a book about secrets, blackmail, seductions, and betrayal. Almost every motivation is suspect, and nobody can readily be taken at face value. There are surprises aplenty - some exciting, and some devastating - but even if some of the revelations are exquisitely timed to stun the reader, Pynk never descends into shock-for-the-sake-of-shock melodrama.

A quick, guilty-pleasure kind of read, this is also the kind of story that sticks with you and lingers beyond the page. The sheer amount of research and dedication Pynk must have put into this is astounding, and I suspect there will be a lot of professionals who walk away from it feeling as if they were a part of it . . . and, who knows, maybe they were!


Pynk is the best-selling author of four erotica titles and one anthology. Pynk won the 2008 YOUnity award for Fastest Rising Literary Star and’s Most Outstanding Author of the Year award for 2009.

Grand Central released the first Pynk novel, Erotic City, in November 2008. Erotic City was voted one of the Best Reads for 2008 by lack Expressions and was a finalist for a 2009 African American Literary Award in the category of erotica. The second title, Sexaholics, about four women addicted to sex, hit the shelves on March 23, 2010, and was released to critical acclaim, particularly for the tragic and gritty depictions of sexual addiction, and was voted among the 2010 Best Books by the Sankofa Literary Society. The third book, Sixty-Nine, is about three sexually repressed women born in 1969 who vow to go beyond their own self-imposed limits at the age of 40. Sixty-Nine was nominated for a 2011 African American Literary Award and was a Top 20 Black Expressions Bestseller.

Pynk joined together with five bestselling authors, contributing to the hot anthology, The Heat of the Night, which was released on February 14, 2012 under Peace in the Storm Publishing. The December 2012 novel by Pynk tackles the topic of politics and the call-girl industry in New York City. It’s called Politics. Escorts. Blackmail.

Each steamy Pynk title is set in a different city: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and the 2014 title, Sin in the City, is set in Las Vegas.

Allow yourself to live your sexy dreams responsibly through the words of Pynk, whose characters are sure to make a fictional appearance in your city soon.

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