Monday, January 21, 2013

Get your FREE copy of Frock Magazine!

I am delighted to announce that Issue #19 of Frock Magazine is now available, once again featuring my "Frock Books" review column, along with my interview with Julie Newmar, the original Catwoman!

Completely free, and available digitally,  Frock Magazine is one of the finest transgender lifestyle magazines around, and one that prides itself on being coffee-table friendly (i.e. free of any erotic content, suggestive ads, etc.).

While you're at it, we're always looking for new and exciting stories and articles to share, so if you have a transgender related idea you'd like to see in Frock Magazine, or a 
story/article you'd like to share, please drop me a line (sally AT frockmagazine DOT com).

Don't just pick it up for my column, though - the magazine has a wonderful variety of articles and features, looks absolutely gorgeous, and is a wonderful read. Please hop on over to  Frock Magazine and give it a read today!

1 comment:

  1. I'm not transgender - in fact, I'm just a 52 year old grandma, mother of four (four straight kids, as far as I know). But I've always been interested in other lifestyles, and I read a copy of your magazine a few months ago. I thought it was a great issue (though I couldn't tell you right now, which one it was) and fun to read.

    I also find it heartbreaking reading about young adults/teens that have been ostracized from their families because of their percieved selves - meaning, how they feel they are. It's hard enough to come out to your parents, family and friends. You shouldn't have to worry about being kicked out of the family and my heart goes out to all who've had to deal with this. In a perfect world, we would accept all of us for who we are, no matter how we started out life.

    Good luck with your magazine and I hope it helps people who are transgender, as well as possibly letting 'straight' people see a little more clearly. Good for you for putting out an excellent magazine such as Frock