Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Transtastic Adventures by j w (REVIEW)

For a book that does not even have a proper cover, coming from an author known only by two lowercase initials, Transtastic Adventures: T-Girl Fantasy and Science Fiction was actually quite an enjoyable read.

These interlinked stories introduce us to a world where STDs have become so virulent, so deadly, that sexual activity has been chemically prohibited. The only gratification available comes via fully-immersible virtual reality technology - which, to be honest, sounds like an interesting trade-off. When caught in a particularly strong 'blue storm' of radiation, Leopold recovers from the resulting explosion to find that his virtual shemale mistress has taken on flesh-and-blood . . . and it is time for her to seek her own pleasure from him, whether he likes it or not.

He does!

So far, so good, so sexy - but Mistress Danielle disappears just as mysteriously as she appeared, leaving Leopold in mourning for his well-hung lover. The next time he's caught in a blue storm, the transition is reversed, taking him from the real world and depositing him in the virtual reality environment that his Mistress calls home. It is here where the story really takes off, with Leopold finding himself at the mercy of several militant shemale regimes, where men are somewhere between pets and property. In between being orally violated an anally penetrated - much to his pleasure, of course - he becomes embroiled in a weird sexual-political rebellion that eventually brings him back to heel before his Mistress.

The other 2 stories in the collection are interesting, particularly the sci-fi breeding tale that ends the collection, but they're not nearly as satisfying as the first two interconnected tales of Leopold and Danielle.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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