Friday, March 22, 2013

Princess of the Desert by M.N. Thomas (REVIEW)

While Princess of the Desert is not a perfect book, M.N. Thomas is guaranteed to hold your interest. After reading the author's Stolen Innocence and loving it, I just finished Princess of the Desert, and also enjoyed it very much, although there were some editing difficulties that appeared to be probably caused by scanning errors and a cursory proofreading job afterwards.

The story was ingenious, exciting, and it contained just the transgender element of romance that I had sought. It is also a tale of self-acceptance against all odds and triumph over prejudice. Unfortunately, though, I made the mistake of looking ahead in anticipation of next reading the continuation novel, Tears of the Princess, and noticed that the description of that particular book contained a serious spoiler for the book I was reading, which I was by then about 75% finished. That really upset me and wrecked my entire reading experience. I won't say what it was of course, but I wrote to the author, whose email address appears after the conclusion, suggesting that she might seriously want to consider revising the book description.

In any case, if you read this book, DO NOT LOOK AT THE DESCRIPTION OF "TEARS OF THE PRINCESS" until after you are done. :)

Note, the author has just written to me and plans to correct this. Very gracious.

[Reviewed by Samuel]


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  2. Just discovered this blog through networked blogs. Very happy to see that something like this exists, as someone whose reading and writing interests tend to lie at the intersection of the gender and genre bending.