Thursday, April 4, 2013

Intervention by Crystal Veeyant (REVIEW)

After her last tale (The Sissy and the Billionaire), which went all-out erotic fantasy from the first page, Crystal Veeyant scales things back with Intervention. It is a smaller story, with a more intimate cast of characters, and while it still has a touch of fantasy, it deals very sensitively and maturely with the concepts of addiction and consequences.

Bob is a stressed out, overworked, middle-aged gentleman stuck in a job that provides no satisfaction, and entrenched in a relationship where his wife is the primary breadwinner. He's not a sad man, or a depressed one, but one who is desperately seeking something . . . something special, something different, something exciting. He and his wife are more adventurous in the bedroom than the average couple, but he still wants something more - something that he seeks, day in and day out, through pornography. It is not just a fetish, but an addiction, one that has already almost cost him his job once already.

When an impromptu encounter in the bathroom at his addiction counselling session triggers that 'something' he has been looking for, much more than just his job is at risk. Suddenly, he is losing himself in transsexual pornography, rubbing himself raw to images of shemales and sissies, and eventually cheating on his wife with the beautiful transsexual prostitute from the bathroom.

If that seems like pretty standard stuff, trust me . . . it certainly is not. Veeyant demonstrates a deep understanding of the human psyche and the depths to which sexual addiction can send us. More than that, she layers in an even deeper layer to the story, one that is deliberately psychological in nature. As evidence of Bob's cheating comes to life, his wife gives in to her own fantasies and consummates the blossoming lesbian relationship with her assistant - a young psychology graduate who just happens to specialize in sexual deviance and addiction.

Together, the two women work to break Bob of his addiction by giving him EVERYTHING he desires, attempting to overwhelm him to the point where his fetish addictions lose all power over his life. Of course, this is a Crystal Veeyant tale, so you know that is going to involve some forced feminization, role-reversal, and submissive role-playing. By the time Mary's true intentions are revealed, Bob and his wife have sunk too far, gone too deep, to ever return to their 'normal' lives.

The opening chapters may be a bit difficult to read for many, only because Veeyant's look at sexual addiction hits so close to home. It is hard not to, in some small part, identify with Bob . . . to fear for him . . . and to experience some honest tension on his behalf. Fortunately, things turn out precisely as they should, and the resolution of addiction, fantasy, and relationships is entirely satisfying.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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