Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nevada by Imogen Binnie (REVIEW)


Somehow I find that I am at a loss to say much about this stunning novel as I am still assimilating it and trying to understand it `cause it hit me like a train wreck. Totally. Although I feel I must say something or blow loudly into some heralding trumpet, words fail me as I sit here in awe.

In her stunning novel Nevada, as a keen observer of the gender dysphoric experience, Imogen Binnie slices into every conceivable permutation of transgenderism with surgical precision, examining from all angles the nooks and crannies of the minds of her creations. Penned in a very unusual stream of consciousness style that exposes that "little voice" in the minds of her characters for what it is, the novelist examines and dissects every thought and every thought behind every thought, peering ever deeper and deeper into the psyche of those about whom she writes. The desired result happens to be totally great and I cannot say enough good things about this novel.

On the one hand, I think the author totally "nailed it," but with dropped jaw, I cannot say exactly what she nailed, but somehow I know it was important and we are witnessing something great happening here. Totally. Although I am embarrassed to admit that I do not know exactly what it was, I think the power of this book is that it exposes and eviscerates the bi-gendered model of society and is an indictment of the paternalistic medical model of transgenderism. Totally.

That the author's characters happen to be trans, gay and/or drug addled, socially challenged, codependent, lacking in self-esteem, purpose and moral fabric, provides a great backdrop and makes for a very interesting ride to say the least.

This book is an amazing experience and not to be missed. Totally.

[Reviewed by Samuel]


  1. First I read your review, then I went to Amazon. and read an excerpt. Good stuff. Of course I want to buy a copy now. So I will, either when the kindle price goes down, or it comes out in ppb. (stupid budgets!)

    thanks for posting a review on this book. :)

  2. It's totally out in paperback! See for details!