Monday, October 28, 2013

Interested in Writing for Frock? We'd Love to Have You!

Have you ever wanted to see your name in print?

Have you ever wanted to contribute a little something to the trans* community?

Have you ever wanted to share those little tips, tricks, and techniques that make you so comfortably feminine?

Then why not share your gift with the readers of Frock!

Specifically, we're looking for some interesting how-to pieces, covering everything from fashion, to hair, to makeup, to walking and talking. The kind of articles we're thinking of are topics like 7 Musts For A Good Transition, How to Paint Your Nails, The 5 Essential Rules For Passing In Public, and so on (although those are just examples).

We're only looking for about 800 words, so there's not a great deal of writing involved, but any photos you can contribute would be absolutely lovely!

If you're at all interested, please drop me a line ( and I'd be happy to discuss it with you!


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