Saturday, November 2, 2013

Stepmom's Sissies by Crystal Veeyant

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Stepmom's Sissies.

You have just got to love that title! It just rolls off the tongue, caressing it like those wet, velvet folds of worship. There's such innocent, yet taboo promise in those two words, and the delicious cover sets just the right tone.

Yes, bois and gurls, the always lovely Crystal Veeyant has done it again. Her latest is a sweet, sexually charged tale that walks the edge of so many taboos, and flirts with so many improprieties, you almost need a flowchart to figure out where biology ends and relationships begin. Here you have two cousins, two mothers, and two sisters, none of who are really what they appear to be. There's a glorious illusion of incest there, one the mommies and sissies deliberately choose to entertain, but there are no biological boundaries cross.

Boundaries of trust and love, perhaps, but not biology.

As is often the case with Crystal's stories, events are set in motion long before we come on the scene, and even longer before any of the characters cum on the scene. It's the slow unveiling of plans and secrets that make her stories so delicious, the elaborate, yet elegant, schemes that elevate her a notch above the rest.

This is, perhaps, the happiest of all Crystal's tales, a story where there may be some coercion in overcoming fears, but everyone wants a willing participant. The emphasis is a bit more on the illusion of incest than on the sissies, sometimes at the expense of sissy details, but that's okay. The focus here is really on relationships, not fetishes, and that love really comes through, especially in the dialogue. The friendly, taunting, cheeky banter is so much fun, keeping a potentially heavy story light and enjoyable.

There is no final familial twist at the end that does slip past the illusion, but rather than coming across as a shocking reveal, it's a perfectly fitting way to tie up both Stepmom's Sissies and loose ends.

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