Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend Freebies - Get 'em while they're fantastic and free

While Bobbi wasn't able to pull together a Freebie Fetish Friday post yesterday, I found a pair of freebie reads that do something interesting with the concept of gender.

The Prisoners of Gender by John Bushore

It's not the same old love story when a princess and her guardian exchange bodies due to a botched magic enchantment. Add a clueless maid-servant, along with a half-witted giant who loves pretty girls, and this bawdy, spicy romance takes off with plenty of adventure and situational comedy.

Princess Marissa, a virgin, yearns to be a man so she can control her fate. Captain Bardak is sworn to protect her. The caravan is attacked; all are killed, save the princess, the badly injured captain, and Janella, a loyal, but superstitious servant. They are taken captive by the minions of a vengeful man intent on torturing the princess. A spell goes awry, and the captain and the princess switch bodies, although they manage to keep the transformation secret. Can Bardak, in his unfamiliar, frail, female persona, manage to save Marissa, near dead in his battered body, so he can return her form in a virtuous state? It'll be a tough battle, because Marissa quickly learns to enjoy being a male full of testosterone and wants to try out her new "equipment." It doesn’t help matters that Janella lusts for the captain, not knowing it’s really her mistress. And even if Bardak succeeds in preserving “his” virginity, he’s likely to be executed by the princess’s suspicious, hardhearted father.

We, three: A letter from Lyin by Gabriele Sala

WE, THREE - "What would it be like if the world evolved with three sexes instead of two?"

The new series "We, Three" tries to answer to this question narrating the lives of three different characters: Lyin Lawrence, a physician and researcher who decides to write a novel to describe the events that took place before hor house was set on fire, and hor two partners: Anvee Hartley and Lyarell Newell. In a world where men and women are substituted by mwons, mwuns and mwyns, we are thrown into a parallel yet real, almost tangible universe where biology, sociology and even religions are substantially altered in often complicated yet fascinating ways. Lyin's scientific work toward a revolutionary discovery in the field of medicine, one troubled past after hor mwyther's premature departure and the stormy relationship with Anvee and Lyarell has influenced hor life in ways that hon would have never expected, while leading hom to eventually become a great scientist and a responsible parent.

A LETTER FROM LYIN - In this short letter, Lyin describes what happened to hor apartment in New York one month ago, during a cold November evening in 2033, when somebody put it on fire for still unknown reasons and why hon decides to start writing a book about it. Shocked by the deaths and the unexpected turning of events that the fire has brought with it, Lyin is suggested to publish a booklet containing something that is particularly important to hom: a letter toward the victims of the fire, something very similar to what has haunted hom for all hor life...

An old letter from hor lost parent and two survived children would move Lyin forward in hor live and make hom realize that there is always hope, even in the face of tragedy.

Remember, even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still download the titles through one of Amazon's free reading applications, and covert it (if need be) with Calibre. I can tell you I do most of my reading on my iPad, using Kindle for iPad, and it works beautifully.

Please do be sure to check the price before downloading anything, though, as most freebies are limited time offers, and some are specific to certain regions.

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