Saturday, November 9, 2013

Secret Sissy Slave by Crystal Veeyant

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Secret Sissy Slave is one of Crystal Veeyant's older tales, repackaged and republished to get around last month's whole e-book censorship fiasco. While very much fantasy & fetish based, it is a fun read, and one that is absolutely genuine in its exploration of the various indulgences of human sexuality. For those who are only familiar with her latest work, it is also the first time that our window into Crystal's world is not provided through a character already comfortable with (or, at least, aware of) their own transsexual identity.

This is the story of a celebrity bad boy, a veritable rock god brought to his knees and taught a lesson in humility. There is a definite vicarious thrill in seeing him stripped of his glamour, robbed of his stage presence, and reduced to the  very basis of humanity. Even when he is being cruelly punished by the women he has wronged, there is a guilty thrill to be found in taking pleasure from the erotic suffering of someone we would normally look up to in awe.

It is also the story of a sexual animal, an arrogant macho stud denied not just the validation of his masculinity, but the simple acknowledgement of his manhood. From the moment he is first put into panties, it is clear he has secrets buried deep inside his mental closet that have been hidden even from himself. While there is a definite guilty thrill in seeing him broken and feminized, transformed before our very eyes, there is also a delicious joy in sharing in his self-revelation.

This is definitely a story where the women are in charge. Armed with whips, paddles, and strap-ons of varying size, his conquests return to teach him a lesson . . . to put him, quite literally, in the place he once put them. Of course, it simply would not be Crystal without the appearance of a pair of shemale beauties to conclude events! 

As hard as it may be to believe in such a quick and drastic emasculation of a veritable rock god, Crystal teases it well, drops just the right amount of subtle hints as to his potential, and says just the right things to validate his newly discovered sexuality. While he allows himself to be broken more easily than you'd expect, his submission is so sincere, and his breaking is such a delight to behold, that you cannot help but become lost beside him in the orgiastic joy of the moment, wanting to become a Secret Sissy Slave yourself.

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