Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sissy Prison by Crystal Veeyant

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

While Crystal Veeyant is always good for a intensely hot, over-the-top sort of read, Sissy Prison represents a fresh level of fetish fun. The story incorporates all of the elements we've come to expect from her sissy stories, and even brings back a few characters from The Sissy and the Billionaire - including the lovely Rita.

The set-up here is both sweet and cruel. It is absolutely the worst kind of police entrapment, with poor Peter given a handful of video arcade tokens, some sexy encouragement, and a nudge in the right direction. It is there that the bisexual sissy inside him fully emerges for the first time, lost in lust, and completely overwhelmed by the impromptu orgy. It is, of course, all a set up, designed to get him arrested on a series of trumped up charges so he can be sent to the Sissy Prison.

It is there that the story really takes off. The prison is a secretive facility, built in response to a legal challenge regarding transsexual prisoners, and exploited to become a brothel for the very rich and the very powerful. Only the sweetest sissies and sexiest shemales are transferred to the prison, including Rita, who becomes both a girlfriend and a mentor to the rapidly developing Petra.

There's not a lot of story to it other than that, but that's okay. Crystal does what she does best, immersing us in the joys of femininity, the delights of taboo sexuality, and the imaginative role play of society's biggest hypocrites. While it is largely a fun tale of sexual expression, there is some tension along the way, including the big weekend auction that completes the novel. Not to give anything away, but she offers a lovely resolution to the story that's as emotionally gratifying as it is physically satisfying.

I wish it had been longer - I could easily spend a few hundred pages with Rita and Petra - but Sissy Prison is definitely one of Crystal's best. If you enjoy transgender erotica that understands not just what motivates and arouses the masculine desire, but what shapes and accents the feminine fantasy, then give her a read. This is clever, sexy, erotica, and well-written - a combination you don't often find in erotica.

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