Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Perfect Solution by K C Carlton

A Perfect Solution” by K C Carlton is another novelette I enjoyed. Our hero is a person grappling with both his gender identity and his sexual orientation. As a young man, supported by a first love to feel free to demonstrate his true feelings, he tries his hand at a female gender presentation and a lesbian sexuality.

With the sudden, unforeseen and unexpected end of this relationship, and after a suitable period of grieving, he eventually experiments with other lifestyles. At first a heterosexual transgender person and then a “straight” gay man, he finds pleasure in all sexualities and gender identities.

Sound confusing? It’s actually quite titillating. Along the way he finally meets up with the real love of his life, only he doesn’t know it at first as he is still mourning the loss of his first girlfriend. Eventually though, he lets go of his angst and fully embraces this new love, only to have her ripped from him under the most horrible of circumstances. Eventually though, the ship of love rights itself and sails away toward very a happy and loving conclusion.

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