Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Humiliated by the Boss, Cuckolded by the Wife by Sarah Millward

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Oh, my! You have to love a story that begins with a bold, brash, British businessman being forced by his new boss to get on his knees and bark like a dog. Sarah Millward does a lovely job of quickly setting him up, just so she can knock him down, bring him to heel, and put him in panties.

When the story is called Humiliated by the Boss, Cuckolded by the Wife, you can pretty much guess what comes next.

This is not a book that's heavy on character development or narrative flair. It moves rather quickly from one scene to another, but it does so with an erotic sort of efficiency. Ms Cramdom is the stern kind of schoolmistress boss to whom any sissy would dearly love to submit, and Jilly is precisely the kind of long-suffering wife, quickly coming to terms with the power of her sexuality, to whom any sissy would love to be married. From panties and buttplugs to blowjobs and boobjobs, Ben's descent into Brenda is as titillating as it is humiliating.

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