Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Redemption at the Rose Saloon by Tom Tame

Though generally I prefer longer books, as a big fan of this author I purchased “Redemption at the Rose Saloon” by Tom Tame. This novelette turned out to be another success by a writer who pens books about gender transformation and forced feminization, with a little BDSM thrown in for good measure.

As the story of unfolds, a posse of very bad hombres who are up to no good ride into a strange and unfamiliar Texas town. We wonder, as they have their way with some of the lovelies at the Rose Saloon, will they live to regret their ubermacho and savage behavior? At first blush one might think so, but when the dust settles it may be quite another story.

The author captures the flavor of the Old West where a man might kill you just for looking at him the wrong way. But our protagonist learns that it can be like a breath of spring to finally free himself from all this testosterone-driven stress and wallow in some of the lovelier things that life can bring. Great read.

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