Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Other Sex by Tiffany White

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

In contrast to the almost homophobic reluctance within the futanari genre, the gender-bending genre is delightedly open-minded. The Other Sex, billed as A Collection of Five Original Sci-Fi/Fantasy Gender Transformation Stories, is a wonderful collection that reminds me very much of that fact. Filled with stories of both magical and scientific transformations, it shares steamy sexual escapades that do not give a damn about gender.

Even though the first story is largely non-sexual, I loved the glee with which the boys and girls cast their friends into the magical gender-shifting waters. There's no fear, no shame, no uncertainty - just an unbridled passion to explore and experience the moment. The next two stories are very sci-fi, but one is superbly well-developed in its protagonist's emotional transformation into a lusty, fertile woman, and the other is just over-the-top delightful in its escalating perversions.

The fourth story was a typical haunting/possession, entertaining but nothing we haven't read before, while the last story - in which magical coconut bras change a young man into each of his customer's perfect woman - is just so much fun, I was sad to see the collection come to an end.

I must say, Tiffany White is a lovely author, and if The Other Sex is any indication of what TG World Books is publishing, then I am eager for more!

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