Sunday, December 15, 2013

UnFeminine by James .P Katus

"Unfeminine" by James P. Katus is a wonderful book that covers a variety of subjects from gender change to the ethics of transplants. John, our hero and eventually our heroine, is a real man's man. He's the kind of guy who's at the top of his game in all he attempts. He's a top notch lawyer and a former football star. He's also a bit of a chauvinist with an angry temper to boot.

Through the miracle of science his brain is transplanted into the body of his sister who has the misfortune of perishing in the same accident that renders his body unusable. This story is partially about the difficult and agonizing adjustment of a man to adopt a female gender role. However, another huge part of the story is about the ethical decision to transplant his brain to his sister's body at the expense of another person who sadly and suddenly becomes an eligible candidate.

This story is beautifully written and intricately woven as it moves to an exciting and brilliant conclusion.

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