Thursday, January 30, 2014

All Change For Fleetwood by Terri Ryan

All Change For Fleetwood by Terri Ryan was well-written and flowing, without the editing problems inherent in many self-published works of this genre.  On balance, I enjoyed this story of gender transformation, which proved to be a worthwhile read. I believe it was supposed to be a novel, but the "journal" format made it feel more like a memoir.

Although the author wove an interesting tale with lots of twists, turns and some great sex, I also found it to be rather predictable. The book never really explores to any great depth the internal workings of the main character. I was slightly amazed that there was not more angst about this gender transition story that felt more like a "slam-dunk." In Terri, we have a transgender protagonist moving hell-bent toward a female gender role. Damn the torpedoes. Accordingly, she comes across as a rather shallow person. One way that was evidenced to this reader was when Terri, then as Michael, dumps his wife of several years, never looks back and justifies his behavior with tons of rationalizations for his own lapse of integrity.

All this said, I sort of liked it and you might want to give it a shot.

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