Monday, January 6, 2014

The Abyss: a Vampire Grimoire Story by Robynn Penelope Mussell

Although short, The Abyss was an entirely lovely little Gothic vampire tale. Robynn Penelope Mussell does a masterful job of creating a sense of history, establishing her centuries-old vampires with nothing more than some music, fashion, and memories. In establishing her chain of 'authentic' vampire clubs across the world, she puts some real thought into justifying their locations.

The transgender element here is slight, but it is integral to the story. Robynn herself is a character within the story (referred to as RP), but the only hint to her nature is the single statement that "she wanted it more than all of the lost friends she had when she became a woman." In a nice twist, her lover (our vampire narrator) is quietly outed as transgender as well, with the statement that "I felt I was not a man; I never did" backed up by the Prince of Vampires later calling her out by name.

The entire story pays off nicely in the end, with a great scene of confrontation that includes a couple of clever twists, and some further establishment of the supernatural element. Well worth a read.

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