Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Tantra Club by Tiffany White

Given that it was Tiffany White who first introduced us to TG World - check out Bobbi's review of The Other Sex - it's only appropriate that we make a return visit to her storytelling magic.

The Tantra Club is a fun read, a story that's both sensual and sexual. Plagued by a lack of self-confidence, and challenged by a lack of physical control, David joins a naked Tantra Club in order to find a way out of his shell, and to become more comfortable with his sexuality. He finds his first session to be so immensely sensual that he actually ejaculates from the experience. Fortunately, rather than getting him kicked out for public indecency, that happy accident results in an invitation to a private session later in the week.

It is there, alongside two other young people, that David discovers the true power of Sheila, their tantra teacher, and her aptly-named Room of 1,000 Orgasms. I don't want to ruin any surprises here, but when Sheila promises her students they will experience the full power of orgasmic release, she ensures they understand both sides of the exchange. There are multiple transformations here, all culminating in an orgasmic exchange that will leave you wishing there was such a room, and such magic curtains, nearby.

Well-written, imaginative, and nicely detailed, The Tantra Club is definitely worth a read.

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