Saturday, January 18, 2014

We Have to Split up, Lawrence by Janet Nicola James

What seemingly started out as just another "effeminate hubby transitions to female gender role" story, turned out to be so much more. As an initial introduction to the work of author Janet Nicola James, this reviewer was quite impressed with the quality of the writing and the intricate and exciting story line. "We Have to Split Up Lawrence" proved to be a surprisingly good read that delivered in spades. Dealing with the angst and guilt over his failures as a husband and father, successful business person Lawrence Palmer follows his gender imperative and becomes Lori, the women he was always meant to be.

This novel follows Lori's successess and setbacks as she deals with learning to live as a woman. This process is deftly described in the context of the gender and transgender prejudices and stereotypes that her esteemed company and the real world throw at her. In the process, Lori gets to experience relationships, sometimes sweet and innocent, but often graphicaly sexual. She becomes an expert on female clothing and finery. She also gets sexually assaulted and brutalized, wrongly accused of a crime and finally gets to turn the tables on several viscious individuals including a predatory defense attorney. Along her journey, Lori experiences some eye-opening transition-based insights as to the true nature of her being.

To get the fullest enjoyment though, one needs to suspend disbelief just a bit with regard to the gender transformation process. This can easily be done with some imagination and projection into what the near future may hopefully bring in terms of scientific and medical progress. This is a book I think you will enjoy.

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