Monday, February 10, 2014

A Rough Kind of Justice by Janet Nicola James

Set in the not too far distant future and using a very interesting premise, "A Rough Kind of Justice" by Janet Nicola James addresses the issue of how society and the criminal justice system may sometime evolve to keep pace with an increasingly violent and sexually predatory population.  When Paul, a 30-something heterosexual male who lives life in the fast lane is accused of the rape of a minor, a cascade of events is set in motion that changes his life forever. Paul, who is not entirely without culpability, soon becomes a victim of his own excesses, along with the malpractice and dishonesty of the medical and judicial system.

It won't give away much, and will surely whet the appetite of any prospective reader of this genre, to learn that through the negligence of the Penal System (pun intended) Paul has his private parts completely amputated. Through a confluence of sad events he quickly transforms into someone only vaguely resembling his former self and in the process he also becomes a highly sympathetic and likeable character.  Paul is then sent to a Woman's prison because where else would you send a convicted felon in such a condition?  The novel goes on to outline how Paul, now with no testosterone in his system, begins a feminization process and turns his life around. At first glance to Paul it appears that at least he has landed in a model female community, albeit it a prison.  However, for our changeling protagonist, now known as Paula, this soon turns into a nightmarish experience. (Author).

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