Thursday, February 20, 2014

Changed into an Asian Schoolgirl by Mindi Flyth

Mindi Flyth is a master of erotic transgender fiction and “Changed into an Asian Schoolgirl” is a wonderful and vivid example of her dark writings in this genre.  Presenting a story that takes place a bit into the future, a cop killer on death row is offered a special deal by the criminal justice system.  Given the option of execution or receiving freedom after undergoing a special medical experiment that will transform him into a female, our nasty protagonist opts for the later.  It sounds crazy, he thinks, but with just three weeks from the gas chamber, anything is better than dying.  Our racist criminal Mike soon becomes Michelle, now in the body of an 18 year-old Asian schoolgirl.

Change is not easy though and Mike fights his transformation every step of the way.  Then, as his defenses begin to crumble, slowly and inexorably he comes to the realization that they must have brainwashed him to accept this.  In addition to his body transformation, it begins to dawn on him they had done something to his mind so it actually felt good.  But, there was still a little part of Mike left inside that had to fight it.  That “Mike part” couldn't actually enjoy this awful thing they were doing to him, or could he?

I’ll leave it to the reader to learn what happened, but as the author asks somewhat rhetorically, “Wouldn’t being a happy girl be so much better than being an angry man?

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