Monday, February 24, 2014

Killing Me Slowly by Tanya Allan

I think that Killing Me Slowly by Tanya Allan stands out as the best work of this wonderful author. It's the story about a young British Royal Marine, a combat-hardened chap, who as a child prayed to God to change him into a girl. As luck would have it, one day because of circumstances beyond his control, he finally gets his wish. This occurs in a most unusual, though somehow plausible manner.

The story offers great character development and a glimpse of some rather touching relationships of the key character. One in particular that stands out and perhaps will move the reader is the interaction with the father of this very special person. The novel has lots of positives going for it. But the most powerful and eloquent part of this book is the protagonist's own acceptance of the female gender role that is thrust upon him. This is done in such a sensitive way that the reader will be astounded at the ease and grace that a male born person can embrace and have a female gender role become completely natural and without shame.

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