Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sissy Planet by Crystal Veeyant

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Crystal Veeyant has gone and outdone herself with Sissy Planet. This erotic science fiction adventure is the strongest, most exciting, most imaginative fantasy she has yet to commit to the page.

Already a little unnerved by his inexplicable dream of being dominated by alien shemale beauties, science officer Gary Luckler awakens from suspended animation to find that his uniform has been replaced with some very feminine lingerie. His commanding officer is sympathetic, but insists he carry out his duties and deal with the uniform situation later. Unfortunately, an ill-advised decision to leap into action costs his crewmates their lives, and leaves him a scantily attired captive.

He soon discovers that Lis Ma Drea, the alien world they’ve been sent to explore, is one where women are dominant, sex and nudity are natural, and men are either hyper-masculine labor slaves, or effeminate little sissies. What’s interesting is that the men are all very happy with their situation, and completely content to serve the community in their defined roles – whether that be in the mines, on their backs, or on their knees.

It is in his role as a sissy that Gary comes to discover the true potential within himself. Despite his protests, doubts, fears, and inhibitions, he not only comes to love the life of a sissy, but also falls in love with the man to whom he’s been assigned. It’s not just a sexual relationship, but something of a romantic one as well.

There is, however, one aspect of the planet’s hierarchy that remains flexible, one role to which only the very best sissies can aspire – that of the femmer.  These lucky men have their femininity physically and medically augmented, while leaving their manhood intact, creating the alien shemale beauties of Gary’s dream.  As the Queen explains, "There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than a woman. Though a femmer can never be the equal of any woman she seeks to honor femininity in all ways with her body."

What makes Sissy Planet such a fantastic read is the fact that Crystal has put as much thought into the science fiction as the erotica. It’s an exceptionally sexy book, with some really inventive scenes of group sexual domination, but she’s not content to just leave it there. She sprinkles the book with hints about the history of Lis Ma Drea, eventually revealing the truth about its ancient connections to Earth. "We still can’t believe how poorly your race adapted,” the Queen tells Gary, “Inventing all those gods that brought you war, greed, misery and shame. Of course it didn’t help that men took control of your cultures."

I won’t go and spoil the delicious happily-ever-after conclusion, but I will say Crystal does a lovely job of bringing the science fiction and the erotica together, merging them together in a climax that begs for more – whether it be prequel or sequel.

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