Monday, March 17, 2014

Crossdressing for the Prison Alphas: Sissy for Sale by Penelope Stone

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Sigh. For a book that had such potential, and which impressed me with the imagination shown early on, Crossdressing for the Prison Alphas: Sissy for Sale was ultimately a disappointment. Here you have a submissive sissy who, following his Mistress' orders, signs up for a work program entertaining male prisoners as a sissy sex slave. It pays very well, and subjects are injected with an experimental new drug that provides for almost instant feminization, and extremely heightened sexual awareness. Basically, one shot and anxious sissy becomes sex-crazed bimbo.

Unfortunately, it seems as if Penelope Stone was more interested in the set-up than the sex. We get some decent description of the first one-on-one prison encounter, during which the drug takes full effect, and then the promise of an all-out orgy. All we get, though, is the promise and a brief recap - the entire scene, which one would expect to be the heart of the story, takes place off the page. What could have been an explosive finale is, instead, a disappointing letdown that's more frustration than fulfillment.

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