Thursday, March 20, 2014

Era of a New Dawn (Boyz2Gurlz) by Dawn Marie

Era of a New Dawn (Boyz2Gurlz) by Dawn Marie is a very accurately described and readable tale. It’s about a young man with secret cross dressing proclivities and very little direction to his life. Our protagonist receives a ticket to attend a female impersonator stage show where he soon learns that whoever got him there had something else in mind. His presence at this event turns out to be a set up as he is "identified" as a potential guest drag performer and virtually goaded to go on stage "en femme."

Behind the scenes and under the skillful guidance of a crew of talented makeover artists, he is quickly transformed into an authentic looking showgirl. What he doesn't know, but will soon find out, is that his secret feminine yearnings were known all along to this top-notch troupe of drag performers. It turns out that one of these players is about to have a sex change operation and, because of this, can no longer be considered a bonafide member of the group. Our unwitting protagonist Darwin has been "selected" because of his feminine characteristics since the contract of the “about-to-be-changed” performer calls for her to replace herself if she no longer has her original parts intact.

Will Darwin agree to journey down this path and join the troupe and does he have what it takes to become a top notch drag entertainer? And if he goes this route, how far will it take him? One can only imagine what future feminization and eventual love lies in store for Darwin, as he soon becomes the lovely Dawn.

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