Thursday, April 3, 2014

He's a Geek Girl Now! by Andrea Bakston

Offering a unique approach to the magical gender transformation story, Andrea Bakston sees her transformation through to the very end, and puts a great deal of thought into the 'extras' that most authors shrug off.

First of all, let's look at the physical transformation. Sam is an overbearing ladies man with no appreciation for the finer, smarter, more subtle things in life. When he makes the mistake of getting too aggressive with a young witch, she curses him right there on the barroom floor. The scene where he stands in the bathroom and watches himself change is exceptionally well done, with some nice touches like the pigtails and geeky t-shirt.

Yes, He's a Geek Girl Now! and there's no turning back.

Where Bakston really shines, though, is in the 'extras' that I mentioned. This isn't your typical bimbo transformation, and I loved that aspect. When Sam awakes the next day, it's to find his wardrobe stocked with feminine, geeky attire that actually means something to him. Despite having never watched, read, or played anything geeky in his life, they awaken a feel of nostalgia and send him looking for his roommates DVD box sets. That attention to detail in following through the transformation is just fantastic.

It's a short tale, but a fun one with a little bit of self-exploration and bathtub fantasies (but no explicit sex), and some great dialogue, especially once Sam's femininity begins to take hold.

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