Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just Business by DK Masters

In another fun, clever tale of magical gender transformation from the folks at TG World BooksDK Masters casts a gypsy spell on a Hollywood executive in Just Business.

When the rumor mill suggests that the studio's current CEO (a sexist, racist, homophobic old man) is retiring, there are really only two candidates for his replacement. Determine to fixed the odds in his favor, Michael spends several million dollars to have his rival, Alex, transformed into a woman. The transformation here is set up nicely, with Michael and the old gypsy negotiating everything from the speed of the transformation, to how people will view the emerging woman, to what memories Alex will retain, to whether it will be irreversible.

It takes a while for the actual transformation to begin, allowing Masters to play with feelings of guilt, remorse, and fear on the part of Michael. Once they do, Masters also does a nice job of describing not just the physical and emotional changes, but the other implications as well. The ending is a bit rushed, and there's a potential twist that I expected to be exploited in a completely different way, but it's a fun story with a sexy ending that delivers on the premise.

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