Thursday, May 22, 2014

Collected by Solar Harris

Collected is a standalone sequel to Acquired, the first gender transformation erotica novel from Solar Harris (check out Samuel's review here). There are small wink-wink, nudge-nudge things that carry over to connect fans of the first with the second, and the technology remains the same, but Collected brings us a new story and a new protagonist.

I really liked the way in which Harris begins the book, pairing up the stories of two businessmen who are much the same at heart, but whose careers have taken drastically different paths. The unusual clause in the business deal offered to Lyle is as tantalizing as it is terrifying, but even though there's a power exchange involved, the relationship is based on compatibility and friendship, rather than lust or cruelty. His cosmetic transformation into a woman is breathtaking to behold, and detailed exquisitely by Harris, but (again) it's only to make him feel at ease with the deal, not to humiliate or control him. By the time the amazing technological transformation is introduced, Lyle is more than willing to give it a try and see how the relationship develop.

Sci-fi elements aside, this is largely an erotic romance novel, but one with a tender, transgender soul. There's also a significant (and very dark) mystery/thriller element introduced towards the end which works as an added layer that enhances the overall tale. Harris also has some interesting things to say about personal freedoms and personal relationships, with the act of body-stealing (or copying, to be precise) having interesting consequences that very much come back to haunt Lyle.

Overall, a very well-written book that demonstrates some great imagination, and some erotic ingenuity. I enjoyed it quite a bit and look forward to the next chapter.

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