Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Curse of the Were-Woman by Dawn Carrington

Curse of the Were-Woman marks my second encounter with Dawn Carrington, following the fantastic Resurrecting Jessica (check out my review here). This time, Dawn goes for a story that's both more erotic and more fantastic, shifting gears from experimental drugs to a very interesting kind of monster.

It starts innocently enough with some sexy costumes and swapping of stories on Halloween, but when a young man discovers that his girlfriend has been cheating on him, he's only too happy to fall into the arms of her best friend, Sara. Simple enough, except for the fact that she's a were-woman, a succubus who sucks the masculinity from her victims rather than their life-essence.

This was a great tale with a nice balance between the erotic transformation and the intellectual understanding of how it all comes about. There's some nice imagination behind the mythology, and the way in which the story develops (although a bit quick) is actually quite reasonable. There are, as we discover, many forms of hunger, and some of them are more exciting to satisfy than others. While you'd be wise to beware the Curse of the Were-Woman, you may just finding yourself hungry for it.

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