Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy by James Hardick

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

While Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy was a fun little tale, it felt too rushed, and had a few glaring errors (including some name-swapping - unless we're to believe the main character really could cum inside his own ass).

James Hardick clearly has fun with the material, and but just breezes through it a bit too quickly. Within the first 2 pages we've already gone from problem, to mom's joking suggestion about hypnotism, to an occult shop, to actually hypnotized. It would have been better with some more lead-in, more set-up, and just more narrative between plot points.

The sex here is both tame and light on the details, with little in the way of emotion or real feeling. It's just too . . . opportunistic, I guess is the best word . . . with no thought towards consequences, and no reluctance to take advantage of the situation. There are several other stories in the series, so maybe it gets better, but as open chapters go, this missed the mark for me.

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