Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Doctor's Orders by Lyka Bloom

Well, the lovely Lyka Bloom is at it again, with another sexy forced feminization, chemical transformation, mind-control hypnosis tale in Doctor's Orders. As always, she manages to make punishment and correction something for the reader to lust after, and so carefully builds her case that we implicitly understand that the poor man at the heart of the story really will be better off for whatever temporary suffering he endures.

Here, we have a rough-and-tumble working man who wants nothing more than for his wife to spend more time in a traditional role, cooking, cleaning, and being there when he gets home. With their last argument having escalated into violence, he's forced to see a therapist to help him deal with the underlying causes of that violence.

It will come as no surprise to Bloom's loyal readership to learn that the therapist is herself under the thrall of another woman, but that just adds to the tale. Derek's transformation from brute to beauty is fantastic to behold, with just the right mixture of desperation and logical connections to make it plausible. It's a sensual tale, with a lovely attention to detail in his feminization, all leading up to a conclusion that is no less pleasing for being so predictable. Even if you've never so much as thought about being a brute, there's no denying we'd all like to be under Doctor's Orders.

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