Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Find Miss Perfect: A Guide for Cross Dressers by Penny Bond

I don't read a lot of non-fiction self-help books, but when Penny Bond offered me a copy of How to Find Miss Perfect: A Guide for Cross Dressers for review, I immediately fell in love with the idea. This is neither a how-to book on cross dressing, nor a work of personal affirmation that tries to convince the reader that cross dressing is healthy and acceptable. Instead, it's a book that makes that assumption, and sets out to demonstrate that we can indeed find love not in spite of our cross dressing, but because of it.

As somebody who has lived what Penny is writing, and who is fortunate to have a wife who not only accepts my feminine side, but who actively engages 'Sally' to come out and play, I loved the approach. What makes this such an exciting book is that it's written not by a cross dresser, but by a wife who loves one.

There are some studies and background details that Penny discusses, and some common questions that often arise when a spouse comes out as a cross dresser, but most of the book consists of real accounts of happy, healthy, loving relationships between cross dressers and their wives. It really is a positive, uplifting, happy read that offers hope (and some dating advice) for even the loneliest of our sisters. Just lovely!

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