Monday, June 9, 2014

(More) Tricks of the Trade - A Beginners Guide To Cross Dressing by Carollyn Olson

First released in December of 2012, Carollyn Olson's Tricks of the Trade - A Beginners Guide To Cross Dressing is already a classic. Fully illustrated with real-life (not professional model) photos throughout, Carollyn covers everything from advice on how to dress properly, how to cover up your perceived flaws, how to apply makeup, and how to get yourself in the habit of a healthy daily beauty regimen for your hair and skin.

The chapters on enhancing your femininity are exceptional, with easy do-it-yourself tips as well as advice on buying appliances, and the chapter on choosing a wig is a real eye-opener. Carollyn takes the reader right from initial experimentation to that first outing, with a style that is friendly, direct, and simple to follow.

Earlier this year, Carollyn followed that up with More Tricks of the Trade - A Beginners Guide To Cross Dressing, which is just as fantastic. This time, she assumes the reader is a little bit beyond the beginners stage, and is looking to improve their comfort and presentation. Here, the focus is on female deportment (how you handle and present yourself really does have an impact), selecting and buying a suitable wardrobe, improving your makeup techniques, and so on.

What makes this second volume unique is the additional voices that she brings to the book, with chapters contributed by Lucille Sorella of Femme Secrets, David Borrows of Glamour Boutique, Amanda Richards, Susan Miller, Tawni Katherine Bonds, Stana of Femulate, Kimberly Huddle, and more. With so many different voices, from such a wide range of experiences, there's guaranteed to be something to which every reader can relate. A bit more polished and exhaustive than the first book, it's a fantastic addition to any cross dresser's shelf.

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