Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nymphet by Lyka Bloom

Proving once again that she is an author of many talents, Lyka Bloom serves up a classic horror inspired tale of magical transformation in Nymphet. It all starts when Daniel's boat capsizes in a freak storm, leaving him to swim for the shores of a (he thinks) deserted island. It's a beautiful place, and he's actually quite content to spend a few days there waiting for rescue.

Mysterious figures shadow his every step during his initial search of the island, until finally a beautiful women confront him . . . and seduces him along the shores the stream. It isn't until he discovers the magnificent mansion at the center of the island that he begins to grow suspicious, with the old man who lives there absolutely panicked about saving Daniel from the magical, sexual transformations of the nymphets who call the island home.

Bloom does a lovely job of taking us inside Daniel's internal struggle. He does not want to succumb, to be transformed into a sexually voracious nymphet, but he also cannot resist their siren-like allure. The climax is absolutely heart-pounding, satisfying, and completely magical. Will Daniel become another Nymphet? Read and find out!

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