Saturday, June 28, 2014

Taken by a Girl Gang by Kylie Gable

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

We've all been there at least once in our lives, walking or driving down a dangerous street, and all too aware of the unsafe or unsavory people loitering around us. For the most part, we're smart enough to keep our heads down and our eyes averted, either ignoring the catcalls or politely waving them off with an awkward smile. Sadly, poor Wesley lacks that common sense and lets himself verbally lash out at the all-girl gang that claims the viaduct between home and the bus stop.

The process of being Taken by a Girl Gang starts the very next morning, as one of the girls lays him out with a punch, then applies some bright red lipstick before sending him on his way. From there, Kylie Gable slowly escalates both the level of torment and the degree of feminization, until Wesley is being forced into his wife's sluttiest lingerie (while she watches), and commanded to take some incriminating selfies (at the office) prove his obedience. Finally armed with a little liquid courage, he makes a lame attempt at confronting the girls, only to find himself tarted up and pegged with the very same golf club he intended to use as a weapon.

This first chapter is a relatively short tale, but does a fantastic job of setting things up for bigger, better, bitchier abuse. It's dark and sometimes violent, more humiliating than erotic, but has undeniable appeal. It's an edgy sort of forced feminization fantasy, but it's that edge that makes it so exciting.

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