Monday, July 7, 2014

Cuckolded by a Girl Gang by Kylie Gable

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

In Taken by a Girl Gang we learned what happens when a proud young businessman makes the fatal mistake of verbally lashing out at the local all-girl gang when he should have just averted his eyes, ducked his head, and ignored them.

With Cuckolded by a Girl Gang, Kylie Gable picks up after poor Wesley's humiliating total feminization and explores the ongoing consequences of that original ill-timed outburst. Not only do we get to see what further delights the gang have planned for him, but we slowly learn just what role the people closest to him have to play in his fate - and there are definitely some surprises there!

I loved the continued evolution of Wesley's relationship with his secretary, and thought her rise to business prominence was well-played. I would have liked to see more reaction from his wife, even if was just to tease him and string him along, but the final revelation of how she deals with the situation is fitting. I won't say more on that, but this is, after all, a story about being Cuckolded by a Girl Gang.

If you came away from the first book thinking Wesley got off lucky, then rest assured he is pushed well beyond his limits here. His makeover at the nail and hair salon run bun Lizette's sister is a lot of fun, but it's when he's delivered to the Toro Loco Motorcycle Gang as a gratuity that things get sloppy and intense. Once again, Gable presents us with a fantasy that's dark and sometimes violent, often more humiliating than erotic, but it's an exciting tale. Personally, I would have loved a tidy, humiliatingly happy sort of epilogue, but I'm not sure Wesley ever will adjust to his new role . . . and that's just fine.

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  1. Thanks so much for the speedy review. The epilogue question is definitely one I was struggling with.