Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friday Night 2: Trixie by Paul Zante

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

When you're already accustomed to being dressed like a slut, and have already sucked two of your coworkers to orgasm (one of whom was so excited, he came on your face before you could even open your mouth), where does a Mistress take you next? Well, if you're Trixie, what's next involves not only getting dressed up like a hooker, but stepping out into the street and earning those heels.

Yes, in Friday Night 2: Trixie, Paul Zante pushes his eager sissy beyond his limits, putting Trixie in an extremely uncomfortable, yet undeniably sexy predicament. Before we get there, however, there's a whole opening sub-plot about Trixie's outfit not coming with panties. It seems Mistress Claire is going to generously share her own, but only once her slut teases the wet, cum-soaked material from deep inside her well-used sex. That, I must say, is one of the sexiest, juiciest scenes I have read in quite some time!

In a nice, realistic sort of twist, Zante ensures his sissy is never in any real danger, and has all the coaching he needs, thanks to a pair of glasses rigged with a camera, microphone, and speakers. His Mistress can watch his every move, hear his every word, and speak to him like a sexy, domineering conscience. Watching Trixie fumble through his first pick-up attempts at the bar is delightful, and you can't help but share in the nervous anticipation as he drags his first john out back for a blowjob behind the dumpster.

Not content to leave it there, Zante concludes the story with a brief third arc in which Trixie returns home to his Mistress, unsettled and uncertain about the whole scenario. He's scared, he's feeling guilty, and he's having a hard time acknowledging his feelings. Being able to see Mistress Claire so deftly expose the true sissy inside, forcing him to confront the fact that he really did enjoy it, provides the story with a truly happy ending.

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