Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gamer Girl by Lyka Bloom

When it comes to erotic gender transformations, Lyka Bloom is fast becoming a favourite author of mine. Her Institute series is about as good as it gets, while her standalone tales are absolutely fantastic as well.

As for those standalone tales, Gamer Girl may just be her best yet. It all begins with a lazy, bitter, lonely video game tester. Already certain that NuLife, the game he's been sent to test, is below his standards, and still hurting from the recent breakup with his girlfriend (who cheated on him with another woman) Michael decides to exact a little virtual revenge. He creates his avatar in her image and wanders the virtual, open world, real time simulation as a gothic beauty.

Things really begin to get interesting when NuWay, the video game manufacturer, delivers a pair of purple-and-white leggings that match his avatar's. Created using NuFeel technology, they are supposed to replicate sensations from the game. Michael feels a bit odd wearing women's leggings, but soon finds the virtual sensations are quite addictive - almost as addictive as the chemicals they're secretly designed to inject into his bloodstream.

Before long, Michael is spending his every waking moment in the game, working in a virtual club called Golddigger's, and using his hard-earned credits to buy new clothes. His body is slowly changing to match that of his avatar, and the pleasures of one world are beginning to bleed over into the other. When the game gives him one last chance to change his options, he decides to spite his ex-girlfriend with a 'simple' IQ and 'insatiable' libido, not realizing that he's just signed his own fate.

The transformation here is gradual, with a great deal of focus on the emotional and psychological elements. Bloom does an incredible job of recreating an authentic Gamer Girl experience, making us appreciate just what kind of dedication the game demands of Michael. There's a lovely twist at the end, one that I know readers will love, but I've already spoiled too much!

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