Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Not The Man I Used To Be by Kenna Henderson

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of reviewing Kenna / A Transgender Life for Frock Magazine. In it, Kenna wrote of mental agitation, professional help, fear, and depression. What I remember most is being struck by the simplicity of her coming out letter, which never demanded acceptance, but which made it clear there is no room left for argument as she could not go on pretending or performing.

In her follow-up, I'm Not The Man I Used To Be, Kenna Henderson takes a very different approach. This one is less about gender and transition and more about the life experiences that make us who we are. She does, naturally, touch on her own transgender issues throughout the book, but more to illustrate the significance of those experiences.

It's a short read, but a fascinating one, written by a woman with a unique outlook on life. I guess you could call it a book of reflection, a collection of tales that turn a new eye on some of the pivotal events of her life. As Kenna says at one point, "Everything you do and experience helps to mold the person you become."

If you've already read Kenna / A Transgender Life and are curious about the man she used to be, then this is an interesting read. If you're coming across Kenna's story for the first time, however, I do suggest you catch up with that title before checking out I'm Not The Man I Used To Be.

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