Saturday, July 5, 2014

Interesting in advertising in Frock Magazine?

What Is Frock?

Frock is a FREE bi-monthly digital magazine, aimed squarely at the transgender community. Established in June 2009, Frock is read right around the world and represents a great way to bring your message to the transgender community. At the time of writing and to our best knowledge, Frock also has more readers than any other transgender related magazine, anywhere in the world.

We offer a number of advertising opportunities and formats, from full page ads and double page spreads to banner ads on our well visited web sites and video too. Some of our advertisers have been with us for years and pay annually for their advertising so we must be doing something right.

What Kind Of People Read Frock?

90% Based in the North America and the UK
85% Use the Internet every day / several times a day for personal use
43% Aged 35-49
44% Work in Exec / Senior Management, IT, Education, Training, Supervisory /admin
48% Crossdressers / 45% Transsexuals / 7% Drag Queens

Where will my ads be displayed?

Your magazine ad will appear in Frock Magazine and your banner adverts will appear on our very popular web sites, The Gender Society ( and Frock Magazine (

What format do my ads need to be in?

Your magazine ads can be in a variety of formats, depending on what how much you want to spend. A Double Page Spread is two full pages, or you might go for a full A4 page, a half or quarter page. Please click here to see examples of the formats and dimensions which are available.

I don't have any artwork or any clue how to create it!

That's no problem. Our professional in-house designers can create your magazine and banner ads for you and we can even help you with the design and the wording you use, to help ensure the best possible click-thru ratio.

If I buy a run of ads or a mix of web and magazine ads, can I have a discount?

Of course! We offer deep discounts to advertisers who show commitment by buying a run of ads and/or several different types of ad at once. And our best discount goes to our advertisers who pay for their ad packages annually.

To advertise in Frock Magazine (and check out some client testimonials) please click here

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