Friday, July 11, 2014

Pink Evolution: An Institute Tale by Lyka Bloom

If you've been following along with my reviews, the you know how much I've been enjoying Lyka Bloom's Tales of the Institute series. It really is one of the most stunning and imaginative pieces of transgender erotica out there, stunningly detailed, and clearly written with an intimate appreciation for the subjects of female domination and (sometimes forced) feminization.

You likely also know that the story has been taking something of a darker turn, with the luscious Lady B moving farther and farther away from helping sissies and shemales find themselves, and deeper and deeper into forcing men and women to adopt the roles her fetishes she demands. She crossed a dangerous line last time out, converting a police detective into a wanton bimbo slut, and now must deal with a partner who is convinced she had something to do with the detective's sudden disappearance.

I really like the way Bloom developed the story of Pink Evolution, book 5 in the series, with Lady B's plan for dealing with Detective Dawes starting out almost innocently, altering subtly, and then taking a radical turn to suit her own whims. You can literally see the moment where her lust gets the best of her, and where her good intentions are overcome by wanton desires. What's more, for the first time in the series, a submissive challenges her, suggesting that she has gone too far, setting up what is sure to be an explosive next chapter.

As has been the case with the first four chapters, this a sexy, sensual, imaginative romp. The complimentary transformations of Detective Dawes and his wife are wonderfully portrayed, evolving as much through word play and emotion as through any sort of physical submission. We don't encounter anything new in terms of locations or techniques, but that's fine because we already understand how Lady B's empire works. I must say, the final confrontation genuinely shocked me, and leaves me really excited to see how the story develops next.

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