Monday, July 28, 2014

Ray's Discovery by Dawn Carrington

Dawn Carrington's books are always so much fun, but Ray's Discovery is one that I really, really, really wish has been longer. She has such a fantastic concept here, with a mysterious, private island-based organization, bent on global domination through DNA rebuilding. The science is somewhat glossed over, and has a definite sci-fi edge to it, but I loved the idea of using DNA to rebuild a perfect, obedient, sexually subservient culture . . . and, of course, to rebuild the most reluctant of men into perfect, obedient, sexually subservient women.

The story is laid out very nicely, beginning with Ray already on the run, and then flashing back to how he got the job with Tiersias Global, when he first began to suspect something wasn't right, and how his secret investigations into the company were discovered. It lends the tale some real drama as we fear for Ray's future, if not his life.

Like I said, I really wish it had been longer, as there is so much potential here, but it is advertised as the first of the Tiersias Global series, so we can only hope there's more story to come.

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