Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Punishment by Troy King

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Maybe it's just my own particular taste in erotic fiction lately, or maybe it's just the titles and covers I'm most drawn to, but there seems to be a dominant (tee-hee) trend in forced feminization stories written by those of us who already possess a passion and a fetish for crossdressing. That's not a complaint, not by any means, just an observation.

With The Punishment, we get a story that most certainly bucks that trend. Troy King presents us with a bold, strong, completely masculine stud who has never shown the slightest inclination towards women's clothing. He and his wife like to play BDSM games, and she is a stern Mistress who doesn't necessarily seek to humiliate her husband, but who enjoys his discomfort.

Their scene progresses slowly, beginning with some restraints, a little spanking, a chastity device, and a lot of oral gratification for Mistress Minerva. Troy certainly has a knack for setting and exploring a scene, and his bondage and punishment is about as erotic as they come. By the time the bra and panties come out, wearing them is really just another level of submission, but it's an exciting one - especially with a trip through the drive-thru waiting.

Sexy and bold, with an intimate understanding of power exchange dynamics, and an intimate knowledge of what arouses both men and women, this is a fantastic read.

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